Demonic Oppression

It always starts with sleep deprivation, so make sure you get some sleep! Take some Tylenol PM or something! Leave the lights on, play some gospel music! Or leave a pastor playing on BoobTube so you can get to sleep! Oh, one last thing, STOP TALKING TO IT! It doesn’t matter why it’s there!


Great vid to start: John J. Ventre of MUFON reviews hierarchy, functions of different types of entities and similarities among demonic infestation, oppression, and alien abduction.

Part 2

Part 3 here.

As a side note, before you jump to conclusions about someone having a ‘demon’, you should know there are”humans” who naturally have many of these characteristics, it’s just who they are. Sadly I have had the misfortune to have known many who fit these descriptions and they were not possessed. So just because someone is totally mean and psychotic/insane doesn’t equal demon possession, it just comes down to them being sub-human.

Rebecca (Occult Specialist of S.I.S.)the-inferno-canto-21-1