The Empire of Fear and Corporate Media Magick

Hello my friends. It’s been a while since I wrote anything, I felt this was important. Since the start of our ‘Corona Virus initiation’ I have observed two things happening in peoples behavior; an infection of fear and anger.

Ephesians 4:25, 26comes to mind. “Be angry, and yet do not sin.” Let not the sun set upon your anger, for anger gives a foothold to the devil.”

It is warning us that when we allow these negative emotions to live inside of us it allows the “kingdom of darkness” to enter into us, our bodies, our souls, our hearts and minds.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, and of love, and of self-control.”

Romans 8:15
“For you did not receive a spirit of slavery that returns you to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!”

I am not a ‘there is no virus’ person, but, while these two emotions run rampant in our society we can literally watch peoples sanity erode. We are daily barraged by images of the maddening crowds, while also being trained to see riots as peaceful protests,… which creates a fracturing of our minds and traumatizes us with cognitive dissonance. Making us vulnerable to fear and anger, to the pervading spirits poisoning our world at large.

How can we protect ourselves during these times?

  1. Get off Social Media
  2. Get off the smartphone or
  3. Turn off the TV
  4. Go outside and listen to the birds
  5. sit in the peace and quiet
  6. spend time with God in contemplation, or fasting and prayer and bible study
  7. spend time everyday outside reminding yourself that the sky is not falling.
  8. read a darn book!
  9. Try putting your bare feet on the actual ground lol

The news, social media, our friends and family are all part of the network that reminds us to be afraid, or that no one is safe. Refuse to become a slave to fear, turn away from anger. But we must remain level headed and aware.

Spend quiet time in peace to ground yourself and know that you are loved.

To a large extent this Empire of Fear is dependent upon you for it’s existence. It needs you to pay attention to it, it needs you to feed it.

What do you focus on?

What do you put your attention into?

Don’t feed the beast.

Fairy & ET similarities

Hello, I have created a list of similarities I have come across in my decades of research or personal experience. I want to share what I have learned. This is a long list of similarities between ET’s/Aliens and Fae or the Fairies.

Bigfoot/Giants encounters overlap some of these characteristics also.

  1. Singing/cries, flutes, music,  lures the victim towards the area
  2. Shape-shift
  3. Appear luminous
  4. Walk through walls
  5. Abduct people
  6. Victims have a gut feeling of danger they ignore to pursue curiosity
  7. Victims have missing time
  8. Victims taken to their territory or claimed area
  9. Sexual encounters
  10. Portals in forests
  11. Portals in bodies of Water
  12. Telepathy
  13. Hybrid ‘replacements’ of people
  14. Can cause illnesses
  15. Can heal illnesses
  16. The creatures appear to be Amoral
  17. Cannot reproduce/need humans
  18. Claimed territory is known as a dangerous place in legend or rumor
  19. Victims have claimed victory with Jesus/God/Bible (in Newfoundland long ago Mothers sewed bibles into children’s clothes to protect children from the fairies)
  20. Associated with the Fallen in one way or another
  21. From another world
  22. You can call them to you
  23. Time of visits differs from real time
  24. They exhibit control over the environment
  25. Deception used to lure people into a relationship or to come closer
  26. Victim marked physically
  27. Victim marked mentally
  28. Victim cannot recall clearly what happened while there/seems as a dream
  29. Strange lights are seen
  30. Family lineage affected
  31. Pregnancies affected
  32. Can make humans pregnant
  33. Victims are compelled to visit the locales or territories of them
  34. Lights lure people to locations
  35. Victims travel from one place to another without having traveled by foot
  36. They play mind games
  37. Memory wiped
  38. Outside of God’s grace
  39. Phenomena before tragedy
  40. Lights seen deep in woods
  41. Promises made that are lies
  42. Babies taken
  43. Deep seated hatred for people or disrespect for human race
  44. Victims life becomes worse after contact
  45. They are weak and sickly
  46. Humans used to strengthen their stock
  47. A worldwide phenomena
  48. Some are helpful some hurtful
  49. White gowns or appear angelic
  50. Look humanoid or similar to people
  51. Eyes that freeze victims or hypnotize or bind
  52. Aversion to Holy items
  53. Aversion to Yeshua Jesus
  54. Their world overlaps ours
  55. Magical powers or technology that appears magical
  56. They demand/ask victims to renounce God
  57. Mountain or large hill of rubble or large stone piled high known to ancient culture as the site of a giant or monster that ate/took people

Missing 411 by David Paulides research shows many of the abductions have several traits that are similar.

How to Get Free From Dark Spirits, Dizdar

I am not so sure we need to do everything he mentions to break free, but this is his method and he has helped many people.


Russ is a long time expert in real spiritual warfare, that is biblical and free of the trappings of the occult or superstition etc. How to safely gain true supernatural power thru Yeshua Jesus Christ, the I AM THAT I AM.

How to Get Yourself and Others Free From Dark Spirits – Casting Out Demons – Russ Dizdar

Can Cannabis Harm a Christian Spiritually

Hi, Rebecca here, I want to share the spiritual element of cannabis and how it may affect you if you are a follower of Christ.

Before you read let us pray, Dear Alpha and the Omega, I AM that I AM, Yeshua Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. If anyone wrestling with the same issue I had, please open their eyes to see truth, their ears to hear truth, and soften their heart to receive this information. Please help any who wrestle with this issue and are not aware that this is how they are being compromised, to understand it. Bind all spirits of blindness, bind all spirits of hate, allow them to see. In Yeshua Jesus I pray Amen.

In the past I used cannabis for pain issues when I didn’t want to use prescribed opiates.  I had justified its use in that way.  I know many believers still use it as a pain management plan, and if it works for you, I am so happy that you found something that is ‘natural’ and not addictive like Opiates. This article is NOT TO CONDEMN THOSE WHO USE IT, it’s just my story. Okay?… ok 😊

So, for years as my conditions progressed and I had to use cannabis daily, it progressed to several times a day. What I noticed is this, it caused depression, it caused anxiety, and worse of all! It opened me up psychically or spiritually!  This last point is really the reason I want to share my experience.

Just to fill you in on the type of person that I am regarding my spirituality, I pray, a lot! I study and research a lot! And I am very strict about what I watch on TV and the music I listen to. Anything that is degrading, demoralizing, or demonic and violent I don’t watch that stuff anymore.  That’s just to let you understand what kind of person I am, I am not trying to brag.  FYI I used to LOOOOVE Marilyn Manson, Geiger, any kind of violence and darkness, just as a side note.  Anyway, I found that regardless of how prayed up I was, or how pure I was trying to live, EVERYTIME I utilize cannabis whether CBD or THC, does not matter, I would feel another data stream pouring into my brain. And I did NOT LIKE IT!

I am trying to say, regardless of how much Holy Spirit I believed that I had, things were beginning to bother me. Thoughts and feelings that are NOT natural for me anymore came to me. Ideas that were NOT me, popped into my head. Desires that are NOT me began to grow. And in all honesty, they were not good.  Some disgusting, base, and perverse. Stuff I would NEVER WANT TO DO naturally!  That’s not all, wrongs against me would swirl and foment. I found myself mulling over those who had sinned against me in the smallest way. I was now becoming an unforgiving wrathful murderous person. If you knew me, you would understand how ridiculous that sounds that I would become that. But please be aware, if you have DID ( dissociative identity disorder), some of these traits may be there naturally,

I have since stopped all cannabis usage, and guess what? All that stopped. My depression is 90% under control, my anxiety is low, and what is most important to me… the Holy Spirit is the only spirit I commune with.

What I observed is this, it opens you up to receive whatever zeitgeist is being promulgated on the masses spiritually.  Whatever hidden sins that are swelling up from the poisonous filth ruining our world, you may be a vessel for it. The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel it. I have always been an empath/sensitive whatever…. My entire family has that 6th sense. I am aware of foreign thought forms that invade my consciousness. As this went on, the more I became uncomfortable with its effects upon me.

You may not have any where near this experience. Great! I’m happy for you. But down the line, if a loved one says to you, “What happened to the person I used to know.”, or “That’s not like you at all! When did you get into that stuff?!” Do you get my drift? You may not even notice how you change, it may be so slow or in such minutia that it escapes your attention.

If you profess to be a follower of Christ, you use cannabis, and you are wrestling with foreign disturbing thought and feelings??? Well, try going off the stuff completely for a few weeks.  You will feel like a new person…. I did and I have not looked back.

In conclusion this is what I have suspected, that Cannabis is a mild hallucinogen, much like LSD, DMT, or Ayahuasca. Yes, I know it’s nowhere near as strong! But like the others, it opens you up. It makes you susceptible to influence of the energies swirling around us every day.  If you were forced to take spiritual warfare as seriously as I have you will come to the same conclusion, it’s not safe to put your self at risk.  If you disagree fine, I just want to let others know there is something spiritual about cannabis and it affected me poorly.


God Bless you all,


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